Pesto Egg  Breakfast Sandwich

All you need is 5 ingredients to make this recipe. Prepare these sandwiches in advance and place them in the freezer for the perfect make ahead breakfast!

– eggs – milk – grated parmesan cheese – pesto – English muffins


Crack the eggs into a bowl. Add the almond milk, cheese, salt & pepper. Whisk well. Toast the English muffins.

Spray olive oil in a pan on medium heat. Cook eggs to desired doneness. I prefer soft scrambled eggs which are more runny. I cook them on low heat to achieve this texture.

Once the eggs are ready, it's time to assemble the breakfast sandwiches. Divide the eggs in half to ensure each breakfast sandwich has the same amount of scrambled eggs.

Spread pesto on one side of the bread. Add the eggs on top and close up the sandwich. Repeat with the other English muffin.

Get the full recipe via the link below.