Air Fryer Tofu Nuggets

Air Fryer Tofu Nuggets are easy to make, super crispy and addictive. I served these nuggets with a homemade lime chipotle dipping sauce!


– EXTRA firm tofu – tapioca flour or cornstarch – garlic powder – paprika – chili powder – salt and pepper – coconut aminos, tamari or soy sauce – avocado oil

First, press the moisture out of the tofu. Use paper towels or a dish towel. Wrap the towel/s around the block of tofu and press all sides very well to drain the moisture.

You could also use a tofu press. I purchased mine from Amazon. The drier the tofu, the crispier!

Next, cut your tofu into cubes. To a bowl, add cubed tofu, tapioca flour or cornstarch, seasonings, coconut aminos, tamari or soy sauce and avocado oil. Gently combine.

Transfer the tofu to an air fryer sprayed with avocado oil. Air fry at 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes, or until crispy.

Serve with ketchup or lime chipotle sauce!

Get the full recipe via the link below.